Zita Bružaitė

If Lithuania has a Haydn, her name is Zita Bružaitė. A resident of the country’s second largest city, Kaunas, she is a composer, musician, pedagogue, and festival administrator. She composes for adults, children, the stage, concert halls, and schools – based on demand and her own ideas. Though similar to Haydn in the wealth and wit of her ideas, and her aversion to hurting the ear, her music does not sound like his, other than perhaps in the piece called “Hi Haydn” for two oboes, bassoon and harpsichord. Zita Bružaitė has her own style, which includes components of jazz, and ethnic and medieval music and thinking.

Göran Bergandal

Works, write for birbyne with other instruments:

Tato 2lmzd-2birb-skd-perc-3kn. (2003)
Evening Song
lmzd(birb)-3kn. (2001)
All Souls’ Day
birb-kn. (1997)

Works, write for the vocal and birbyne with other instruments:

Throw Me Up…  – Text: Zita Bružaitė – satb-lmzd-3birb-skd-skrb-perc-3kn.  (2004)

You can read more about the composer here
Information has been taken from Music Export Lithuania

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