Eduardas Balsys

Even though Eduardas Balsys (1919-1984), one of the most talented Lithuanian composers of post-war generation, spent his most productive years in the period of Soviet regime, his music stood out for its high artistic standard, and still remains appealing and fresh-sounding. The leader of stylistic breakthrough of the 60s and one of the most influential figures in the post-Stalinist resurgence of Lithuanian music, the composer is ascribed to moderate modernist trend. The most important part of his output consists of large-scale compositions – a ballet, an opera, oratorios, and concertos. Balsys was one of the best masters of orchestration in Lithuania, and also an excellent teacher of composition. He has educated a number of today’s leading composers and musicologists.

Works, write for birbyne with other instruments:

Paraphrase on a Theme of Lithuanian Folk Song “What the Lad Has Intended”birb-skd-skrb-drum-kn (1967)
Mermaidsbirb solo-5birb-lmzd-drum-4kn (1965)
Scherzo5birb (1963)
Little Asp – Mischief Maker. Lament. Tiny Fishes. Mermaids. Welcoming Marchbirb-pf (1963)
Andante cantabilebirb-pf

You can read more about the composer here
Information has been taken from Music Export Lithuania


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